Engineered Surge Protection and Grounding Solutions

Vision Technologies has been providing engineered solutions to power quality problems since 1994.
Our approach is unique to the industry. First, a risk assessment is performed to determine the areas of exposure. This insures there are no "backdoors" that could allow damaging surges to enter sensitive equipment. Next, a comprehensive protection system is designed for your specific application. This system concentrates first on low resistance earth grounding and equipment bonding, two often overlooked yet crucial components for proper protection. Grounding design is computer modeled based on soil resistivity testing performed during the risk assessment. Then properly designed surge protection is provided for each vulnerable system component. Finally, our experienced team of installers makes sure it is all put together to provide the ultimate electronic protection system.
Whether you are a homeowner desiring to protect home theater and automation systems from lightning or a commercial or industrial customer seeking to minimize downtime and production interruptions from poor power quality, Vision Technologies can tailor a system to your specific requirements.
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