Engineered Surge Protection and Grounding Solutions

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to protect your electronics and appliances or a commercial or industrial customer seeking to minimize downtime from poor power quality, we have a surge protection solution for you.

"The damage we had prior to meeting Vision Technologies was devastating. Thank you so much for putting in the proper protection. I suspect it has saved many tens of thousands of dollars over the last nine years."

Bill Warner, Raleigh N.C.

Let our experience and expertise work to provide you with surge protection solutions that get you back to business.

Vision Technologies has been providing engineered surge protection solutions to power quality problems since 1994. Our approach is unique to the industry. First, a risk assessment is performed to determine the areas of exposure. Then a comprehensive surge protection system is designed for your specific application. And finally, our experienced team of installers makes sure it is all put together to provide the ultimate electronic protection system.





We provide a comprehensive surge protection system consisting of low resistance earth grounding, equipment bonding and properly designed and installed surge protection systems. This results in the total elimination of the problem at its source, rather than the application of a “band-aid” to a localized symptom.


Without proper grounding, surge protection offers only a false sense of security. Our grounding systems: ●  Based on an analysis of your specific soil conditions ●  Are computer modeled to assure the best results at the lowest cost ●  Are professionally installed using industry accepted practices ●  Periodic maintenance available to ensure consistent protection


Improper bonding is the actual cause of many equipment failures attributed to lightning. Equipment bonding must: ●  Create a low impedance path between utility and electronic systems ●  Utilize reliable connections for long life ●  Equalize voltage potentials between systems ●  Eliminate ground potentials during a lightning strike or electrical fault

Surge Protection

Surge protection must be installed at all exposed points or surges will find a way into sensitive equipment. Surge protection devices must: ●  Have low let-through voltages ●  Have sufficient surge capacity ●  Protect all points of exposure ●  Be properly installed to ensure adequate protection

“We were experiencing thousands of dollars in damage due to lightning. Your products and services have proven themselves and we are very satisfied with the results.”

Anderson Regional Joint Water System, Anderson S.C.


Using the Interface Hemisphere Principle to Achieve Low Resistance Grounding Interfaces

A low resistance grounding system has always been necessary for the safe and proper operation of electrical systems.

The Myth of “Whole House” Surge Protection

A “whole-house” surge protector only provides protection from about 20% of the electrical surges.

“The savings in labor cost have offset the purchase cost of the equipment many times over. This makes it a justifiable expense.”

Raleigh-Durham International Airport

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